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 To adhere and internalize the enduring core values of  LOVE of GOD, respect for authority, selfless dedication to be of service to our fellowmen, respect for women and sanctity of marriage; responsible dominion and stewardships over material things and the wisdom of truthfullness;


T promote harmonious relationship, unit and cooperation between and among the members for mutual support and benifits;


T generate funds for the organization and its activities thru fun-raising campaings and/or the establishment of cooperatives, livelihood projects and other similar initiatives;


T extend financial support and other form of assistance, such as loan and scholarship grants to the members and their immediate families;


T promote peace, unity and prosperity to our country and its people thru constitutional, legal, democratic and non violent means;


T formulate cost effective plans and  strategies to generate support for all organizational activities to include media and election-related undertakings, and;


T able to prepare a communication plan that will allow the organization to coordinate with all its active members nationawide and overseas